Find, unlock, and rent bikes near you
directly from your phone.

Bikeshare has never been this easy.

1. Choose

Select a bike near you and reserve it. We'll hold that bike for fifteen minutes so no one else snags it before you arrive.

2. Unlock

Once you’re at the bike, touch the button on the side of the bike to wake it up. Then tap the unlock button in the app. Your phone will unlock the bike via bluetooth, and you’re good to go!

3. Cruise!

Ride the bike anywhere you want. You can even lock it temporarily while keeping it reserved, so it’s guaranteed to be there for your return trip.

When you’re done, just lock it to a public rack inside the blue boundary on the map, and tap “end session” in the app. Pricing is by the hour.

The most convenient ride in town.

Ride directly to your destination.

Baas bikes can be locked to any public rack. No need to find a dock.

Keep the bike reserved for round trips.

With Baas Bikes, you can keep the bike reserved while it’s locked. Just like it’s your own.

Choose from a variety of bikes.

Commuting? Exercising? Just cruising around? We’ve got a bike for that.

Bring Baas to your campus.

No equipment to buy or install.

Docking stations? You already have them! Our bikes lock to the bike racks that your campus already has.

We hire students.

Bicycle Maintenance. Customer Service. Marketing. We’ve learned that these jobs are done best by the people who live in the community. We want to work with your students, and teach them what we know about running a business.

Boatloads of data.

We love bikes, but our data comes by the boatload. We can’t wait to share it with you.

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