Find, test ride, and buy bikes near you
directly from your phone.

A new on-campus marketplace for bikes

Buying a bike has never been this easy.

1. Choose

Check out the bikes available and find one you like. Tap reserve and we’ll hold that bike for 15 minutes so you can take it for a test ride.

2. Unlock

Once you get to the bike, you’ll see it locked with our smart lock technology. Press the button on the lock to wake it up. Then tap the unlock button in the app. Your phone will unlock the bike via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to test ride!

3. Buy!

Ride anywhere you want to see if the bike will fit your needs. If you like it, hit Purchase in the app and the bike is yours.

If that’s not the right bike for you, just lock it back up with the original lock and you’re done. You’re only charged a small fee for the test ride.

The best way to buy a bike.

Low cost.

Baas Bikes are sold person to person, so no added cost.

No pressure.

Try one on your own route, own time, and own choosing -- as many times as you like. We let you figure out what bike you want and whether it works for you. If you need help, we’re here for you.

Want to sell a bike?

Contact Us in the app and we’ll get the bike set up in the system

Set up Baas on your campus.


All you need is bike racks and our locking technology. We can go live within days.

We work with students or staff.

The marketplace is self-service. Anybody can sell bikes on our platform.

No more abandoned bikes.

We have a unique strategy to eliminate unused and abandoned bikes on campus.

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